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Men's Linen Short Sleeve Shirts

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A good linen shirt is a staple of any stylish man's spring and summer wardrobe. Browse Bourhaan linen collection for the best men's linen shirts you can buy. Our 100% Men's linen shirts are soft, breathable and endlessly stylish.

Our premium quality of construction and elegant prints make them a great choice for anyone looking for men's linen shirts for beach wedding. Linen is the perfect choice for mens casual beach wedding attire. In Bourhaan linen you will be looking and feeling your very best!

From meticulously handcrafted Belgian linen to a smooth finish, we take care of the details to give you a luxurious experience.

Full of classic glamour and an effortless ease these are the perfect men's linen shirts for beach , vacation of just a casual evening.

Linen is perfect for hot summer months and for warm climates but not all linen shirts are created equal. Flax is grown everywhere from the tropics to the temperate climes, but some places produce higher quality flax than others, and still yet, some climates are better for retting and manufacturing linen from the flax plant. Bourhaan linen garments are made from Belgian Flax Linen which is the champagne of all Linen Fiber.

Shop our selection of fine mens linen shirts, mens linen jackets, mens linen tunics and mens linen pajamas