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Men's Regular Fit Long Sleeve 100% Linen Shirt - Liberty Leaves



Our 100% Men's linen shirts are endlessly stylish and comfortable.

Fabric: 100% Linen from Belgium, where they grow the best linens in the world. Our shirts are pre-washed and pre-shrunk so you can buy your size with confidence. The washing makes the linen even softer and gives it the drape and fall that will feel like heaven in summer. Pre-washing also makes the natural wrinkles soft.

Fit: Regular fit shirts cut as per standard American ASTM sizes.

Colors & Prints: Classic summer colors and prints make our collection truly refreshing for a summer getaway or a stroll down the beach or a date night.

Breathable: Our linen is completely breathable making this shirt a perfect choice for spring and summer months. Feels cool and refreshing on the body even when it is crazy hot outside.

Low Maintenance: No need to dry clean. Just wash it in gentle cycle and line dry. Iron for a crisp look.

When deciding on selections of shirts to enhance a wardrobe, one of the best solutions is a variety of men’s linen shirts. There's never going to be a bad moment to wear a linen shirt with a fun print—think of it as a conversation starter.